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"R" Recommended Businesses


During our time we have worked alongside some other amazing businesses,

Friendly people who are offering an excellent service who wouldn't make this page without

us seeing there work or experiencing what they have to offer.

DJUK is a Cambridge based company run by some of the most friendliest & fun people I've ever met.

I think this is the biggest compilment I can say...

without his knowledge, kindness and willing to help there would be no R Entertainments. 

Thankyou Tim and the crew!

Liz Greenhalgh Photography
07739 853413

I met Liz at the Great Northern Hotel during a wedding.

Watching her work with the wedding couple to get their perfect pictures was lovely. After Liz showed me a few tricks and camera effects which totally amazed me. 

I have seen the finished photos and they are fantastic.

Liz is a friendly professional photographer and one we really recommend!

Funky Faces
07872 018361

Funky Faces painted by a truly gifted artist!

I've worked with Penny a couple of times now and having seen her work first hand I definitely recommend her.

Penny and I came up with a plan at the next kids party to turn it into a uv party! I supplied the lights, Penny supplied the paints.

THIS was such a HUGE hit that even the parents had there faces painted too!!

Suffolk Chocolate Fountain Hire

I met this brilliant couple at the Lucy Cavendish summer party in Cambridge (June 2014),

As we were waiting for the guests to arrive I was invited over to try a sample of the HUGE chocolate fountain.

The presentation looked amazing and it tasted even better! 

(Space reserved)

Reserved for future findings

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